<b>Optical Response of MoSe2 Crystals</b> Solar power is a very important source of renewable energy for many low power systems. Matching the power consumption level with the supply level can make a great difference in the efficiency of power utilization. MoSe2, crystals photo electrodes have been grown via a direct vapour transport technique. This paper presents results of Photo Voltage VPh Vs. Photo current IPh curves measured for MoSe2 crystals of different Intensity levels between 10, 20,…100W cm2 in Polychromatic as well as Monochromatic light. We finding the Open circuit Voltage VOC , Short circuit current ISC , fill factor and photo conversion efficiency of Mose2 crystals. The Photo conversion efficiency of this MoSe2 crystals are less than 0.1 in Polychromatic light but nearly 1 in Monochromatic light Mose2 crystals, Solar power Issue-3 Volume-1 H. S. Patel | S. P. Shukla | Hitesh Parmar