<b>Incorporating Artificial Intelligence into PMBOK 7th Edition Frameworks A Domain Specific Investigation for Optimizing Project Management Performance Domains</b> This interdisciplinary paper explores the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence AI on project management across various performance domains, signifying a paradigm shift towards enhanced efficiency, strategic decision making, and stakeholder engagement. Through a meticulous examination of AI s integration within critical project management domains—such as planning, execution, team dynamics, and risk management—the study underscores AI s potential to revolutionize traditional practices by automating routine tasks, optimizing resource allocation, and providing predictive insights for proactive project adjustments. Furthermore, it delves into the challenges and ethical considerations inherent in AI adoption, advocating for a balanced approach that harnesses AI s capabilities while addressing potential barriers and ethical implications. The paper culminates in an exploration of future directions for AI in project management, highlighting the need for continuous innovation and research to fully realize AI s potential as a catalyst for the evolution of project management practices. Through this comprehensive analysis, the paper contributes to the discourse on AI s role in shaping the future of project management, offering valuable insights for academics, practitioners, and organizations navigating the intersection of technology and project management. Artificial Intelligence, Project Management, Performance Domains, Predictive Analytics 63-71 Issue-3 Volume-8 Mayur Jariwala