<b>Impact of Skills Acqusition Opportunities on Youth Empowerment in Kazaure, Jigawa State Nigeria</b> This study attempts to provide relevant information on the impact of the National N Power scheme on youth empowerment in Kazaure Local Government Area of Jigawa state. To achieve this aim, an ex post facto research design was adopted, then a structured questionnaire was used to collect data from the 389 beneficiaries out of the whole population of 412 selected candidates of the 2022 batch C1, N power youth in Kazaure. Thus census was used in selecting only the beneficiaries that completed the program in the study area. Data collected from the field was analyzed using inferential and descriptive statistics. The descriptive statistics include frequency distribution, charts, simple percentages, means and standard deviation. The result from the descriptive statistics was then subjected to parametric statistics at 0.05 confidence level. The 389 returned questionnaires were used for analysis. from the analysis, it was discovered that nearly all the respondents 96.92 were unemployed before becoming beneficiaries of the N Power Scheme. It was also discovered that out of all the programs registered under the scheme, only three programs had beneficiaries in Kazaure, these were N Teach, N Agro and N Build. From the analysis carried out using linear regression, it was discovered that there is a significant relationship between N Power and Youth Empowerment. Based on these findings the study recommends a need for an increase in the number of beneficiaries of the Scheme in Kazaure Local Government Area. N Power Skill acquisition Youth Empowerment 8-13 Issue-3 Volume-8 Sunusi Abubakar Mikail | Abba Kabiru | Anas Iliyasu