<b>Limited Devolved Federal System as Possible Option Understanding the Trends and Process of Constitution Making in South Sudan</b> The study has examined the key issues, scenarios, and challenges that should have shaped the drafting process by utilizing best practices from other post conflict countries. The paper also highlighted the potential advantages and disadvantages of a limited devolved federal system in the context of South Sudan. The study proposed that some of South Sudan s most urgent issues, like managing ethnic diversity, fostering inclusive development, and guaranteeing equitable resource distribution, could be assisted by a well designed federal system with a clear division of powers and responsibilities between the national and subnational governments. Nevertheless, the study also recognizes the drawbacks of federalism, including the possibility of escalating political tensions and causing greater regional disparities. The results have shown how crucial it is to have open communication, include the public, and introduce federalism in South Sudan gradually and step by step. In conclusion, this study has argued that, given proper consideration and implementation in a transparent, inclusive, and well managed manner, a limited devolved federal government may present a viable future for South Sudan. The knowledge gained from this study adds to the current discussion about South Sudan s constitution writing process and provides important guidance to other post conflict countries attempting to set up long lasting and efficient political systems. Federal, devolved, Constitution, option, Scenario, limited, Devolution 29-41 Issue-3 Volume-8 Abraham Kuol Nyuon