<b>Spectroscopic Study of Electronically Doped Polyanilines</b> Polyanilines namely emeraldine, nigraniline and pernigraniline were prepared by chemical method and were electronically doped with organic acceptors such as, TCNE, TCNQ, DDQ, Chloranil and KI I2. The FTIR spectra of 20 and 50 doped polyanilines were obtained and analyzed using small polaron model which connected electrical conductivity with IR absorption. Emeraldine prepared by standard method and pure emeraldine as readily obtained wee used. The absorption profiles as experimentally obtained and as calculated using small polaron model were compared. This comparison leads to frequency –dependence of the real part of refractive index which shows dispersion shape as desired. Infrared spectra, polaron Issue-2 Volume-1 Hitesh Parmar | R.K.Shah | Vishal.R.Jain