<b>FTIR Spectra of Ni H dmg 2 Hydrogen Bonded With Six Dyes</b> Here the one dimensional semiconductor namely bis dimethyiglyoximato Ni is hydrogen bonded with 6 highly polarizable dyes which are Para red, Congo red, Direct red, Bismark brown, Evans blue and Trypan blue. The hydrogen bonding was verified with FTIR spectroscopy. FTIR specra also reveal modification of absorption edges by exciton phonon coupling there are threshold energies for the formation of free excitons and electron hole pairs with phonon emissions in the intrinsic absorption edge spectrum. The remainder absorption at the value of the band gap is proportional to the exciton ionization energy in both direct and indirect excitons. This remainder absorption increases with the increase in the number of phonon bands in the absorption edge. FTIR Spectra, dimethylglyoximato, Bis, N H group Issue-2 Volume-1 Ketan Dodiya | Sagar Agravat | A.T.Oza