<b>FTIR Spectra of Magnetic Charge Transfer Complexes of TEMPO Free Radical</b> The Fourier – transform infrared spectra of complexes of TEMPO free radical with organic acceptors like TCNE, DDQ, TCNQ, Chloranil has been studied. Some of them have ferro or antiferromagnetic properties at very low temperatures. From FTIR spectra, these complexes are found to be small band gap semiconductors. They are interpreted as Hubbard semiconductors having non universal band gap. They also show either asymmetric or symmetric Gaussian band revealing electronic delocalization. They are expected to be paramagnetic. TCNE, DDQ, TCNQ, Chloranil, FTIR Spectra, TEMPO Free Radical Issue-2 Volume-1 Vishal Jain | Hitesh Parmar | Ketan Dodiya