<b>Role of ICT in National Education Policy 2020</b> Education will play a critical role in transforming the whole nation into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy, technology itself will play a crucial role within the improvement of educational processes and outcomes thus, the connection between technology and education in the least levels is bidirectional. it’s certain that technology will impact education in multiple ways, just some of which may be foreseen at this time. New technologies involving AI, machine learning, block chains, smart boards, handheld computing devices, adaptive computer testing for student development, and other sorts of educational software and hardware won’t just change what students learn within the classroom but how they learn, and thus these areas and beyond would require extensive research both on the technological also as educational fronts. ICT, National, Education, Policy, 2020, technology, computing 36-39 Special Issue on Advanced Studies of Multidisciplinary Research and Analysis Special Issue Krisn Pratap Meena