<b>Determinants of Full Dose of Oral Cholera Vaccine Uptake in Tiko and Limbe Health Districts</b> Cholera is an acute, profuse watery diarrhea “rice water stools” resulting from the consumption of food or water contaminated by toxigenic strains of the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. Due to frequent outbreaks of cholera in Cameroon, the government of Cameroon introduced the oral cholera vaccine OCV in 2015. The objective of this study was to assess the determinants of the full dose of OCV uptake in Tiko and Limbe Health Districts HDs . A cross sectional household based survey study was conducted in which a multistage sampling technique and simple random sampling SRS were used to select Health Areas Has , quarters and households respectively. In every household selected, data were collected on socio demographic characteristics and information about OCV, from a randomly selected household member of age 21 years and above. Data on socio demographic characteristics and information about OCV were collected using a modified standardized questionnaire. Oral cholera vaccine uptake was compared among different socio demographic characteristics using Chi squared test with significance level set at P 0.05. Overall, coverage rate of OCV was low, 48.6 180 370 , and it was based on those who were aware of OCV 85.1 435 370 and had their vaccination cards. The main source of information was health worker 62.2 . Some of the determinants of non acceptance of the first and second doses of OCV were respondents thought OCV was Covid 19 vaccine absent when the vaccination team visited the house no faith in the vaccine vaccination team did not visit households and no faith in Cameroon’s health system and government. The main determinants for OCV acceptance were the fact that participants considered cholera to be a serious disease, and their willingness to prevent it. The adverse events for the first and second doses were palpable, 18 and 11 respectively. Conclusively, determinants that contributed to the low uptake of OCV were identified and the most peculiar one was the fact that community members perceived the cholera vaccine to be a cover up for the coronavirus vaccine. Digital India, Electronic Banking, Internet Banking, Financial Innovation, Technology 966-979 Issue-5 Volume-7 Lepasia Arnold Fonge | Akoachere Jane-Francis | Esemu Seraphine