<b>Social Connections Strategy as a Predictive Factor of the First year Adolescent Students Academic Adjustment in Cameroon State Universities</b> The study was carried out to investigate “social connections strategy and it influence on the first year adolescent academic adjustment in Cameroon state Universities. The researcher made used of mixed method with a concurrent nested research design. The instrument used for data collection was questionnaire. The sample was made up of 759 students proportionately selected from five state Universities University of Bamenda, University of Buea, University of Maroua and University of Yaounde 1 and university of Betoua . Data was analysed using inferential and descriptive statistics. The descriptive statistical tools used were frequency count, percentages and multiple responses set which aimed at calculating the summary of findings. To test the hypothesis, the Spearman rho test was used because the data were not normally distributed based on the statistics of the test of normality assumption trend. In addition to the Spearman’s rho test, the Cox and Snell test was equally computed to explain the explanatory power in the hypothesis in terms of percentage to ease comprehension in readers who find it difficult to interpret the correlation coefficient value. On the other, the qualitative data derived from open ended questions were analysed using the thematic analysis approach with the aid of themes, groundings frequency and quotations. Findings showed that social connections r value 0.442 , p value 0.001 significantly influence the academic adjustment of newly admitted University students. The positivity of the influence implied that newly admitted University students are more likely to be academically adjusted when they are social connected with significant others. Adolescent, academic adjustment and Social connection 36-43 Issue-5 Volume-7 Nkemanjen Donatus Achankeng | Ngemunang Agnes Ngale Lyonga