<b>Domestic Issues Faced by the LGBTQ Community in India A Game Theoretical Approach</b> The LGBTQ community in India faces numerous domestic issues, primarily rooted in societal attitudes, legal challenges, and social discrimination. These issues significantly impact the lives of LGBTQ individuals and hinder their ability to live authentically and with equal rights. Efforts are being made by LGBTQ activists, organizations, and allies to address these issues and advocate for equal rights and social acceptance. In 2017, the Supreme Court gave the country s LGBTQ community the freedom to safely express their sexual orientation. However, even after providing the community with necessary rights, many LGBTQ individuals in India face familial rejection upon coming out, resulting in strained relationships, emotional distress, and in some cases, violence and disownment. This lack of acceptance often leads to homelessness and vulnerability among queer youth. This particular aspect has been looked upon in this paper through the lens of game theory. LGBTQ , game theory, queer, family, coming out, closeted 28-31 Issue-5 Volume-7 Ahona Halder | Arpita Sarkar | Dipannita Nath