<b>The Impact of Information Technology Integration on Government Services Representation of the Ministry of Education in Erbil Iraq Case Study</b> The purpose of this thesis was to investigate the relationship between the use of information technology and the quality of services given at the Ministry of Education s Erbil representative office. The purpose of this research is to investigate the impact of technology on the dependability and availability of government services. It also investigates the effect of information technology on consumer satisfaction. A descriptive analytical methodology was used. In this study, three categories of variables were used The information technology is an independent variable. The mediating variables are the availability and dependability of government services, while the dependent variable is consumer happiness. A questionnaire of 28 questions was prepared and delivered to beneficiaries of the Ministry of Education s representative services in Erbil, with the goal of measuring the impact of use in the representative office under study from the perspective of the recipients of the services. SPSS and statistical tools were used to collect and evaluate 228 responses. The findings indicate that the use of IT tools has a significant impact on the availability and dependability of government services. This usage may also have an impact on consumer satisfaction. Information technology, customer satisfaction, E government services, communication tools 44-58 Issue-5 Volume-7 Ghalia Nassreddine | Huthaifa Makki Hussein