<b>Emerging Trends in Electoral System Revolutionary Transformation through the Information Technology</b> 70 Years Independent India s largest democracy operate through the Periodic elections. In this paper explaining electoral reforms through the information technology IT and Transformation of electoral management in India. This paper mainly analyses the entire IT role in the election system and the main intervention of revolutionary transformation of free and fair elections. Moreover, the paper explaining role of 21st century Indians electoral system in citizen and voters services, electoral management, transparency and political party s participation. Information Communication Technology ICT developed many applications in electoral management. In addictions this paper analyse these Applications and Its Working Style. This paper explaining the importance of electronic voting machines EVM and the transformation of EVM system. In addition, paper explaining the emerging trends in EVM machines recent proposal of VVPATs. Analysing advantages and significances the Revolution implication of NOTA. Information Technology will soon be seeking free and fair elections of the Indian electoral system. Technology, Management, Transformation, Transparency, EVM, VVPATs, NOTA etc. 530-534 Issue-1 Volume-2 Kolapuri Chandrashekar