<b>Measurement of Consumer Attitude Purchase of Green Products</b> Population over explosion made consumer’s life havoc in satisfying their needs. Consumers are in search of new versions of natural products to protect their health.Corporates are run with commercializing the products with more concern with production and packaging. They are in strategic point to attract consumers towards their new package of green products with in and out spoken messages of environment protection and consumer health well being. Many corporate giants imbibe Green Marketing practices which it refers to holistic marketing concept wherein the production, market consumption and disposal of products and services happen in a manner that is less detrimental to the environment. With growing importance of green products usage, this investigation put insight to know the consumer attitude, key issues of green products and influential factors on consumer to purchase green products are measured. The test results envisage female respondents are more conscious about the purchase of green products. The price of the products, packaging, labeling, friends and relatives are the significantly influencing factors. Green Marketing, Green products, Consumer attitude 332-336 Issue-1 Volume-2 R. Satish Kumar