<b>Investigation on Appropriateness of Turbo matching of B60J68 and A58N70 Turbochargers for a Commercial Vehicle</b> Nowadays turbo chargers are preferred for commercial vehicle especially to ensure the good operating conditions at higher loads. Turbo matching is a complex task and carried out by many methods. Recent manufacturing trend added many components in supplier chain. This piece of investigation adopts test based methodologies to perform such matching. The simulation is used to predict the operating conditions at various speeds. The same verified with data logger method which is like on road test. The routes preferred for evaluating the various routes namely rough road, highway matching performance are Rough Road, Highway, City Derive, slope up and slope down. The compressor map used for analyse the appropriateness of matching by methods and suggesting the appropriate turbocharger. turbo matching turbo charger chock surge simulation data logger 341-348 Issue-1 Volume-2 Badal Dev Roy | Dr. R. Saravanan