<b>Employee Satisfaction and Quality of Work Life A Review of Literature</b> The success of any organization is highly dependent on how it attracts, recruits, motivates and retains its employee . Today’s organizations need to be more flexible so that they are equipped to develop their employees and enjoy their commitment. Therefore, organizations are required to adopt a strategy to improve the employees quality of work life to satisfy both the organizational objectives and employee needs. It seeks to create culture of work commitment in the organization which will ensure higher productivity for the company and greater job satisfaction for the employees. The aim of my study is to learn and identify the factors affecting the quality of work life as well as employee satisfaction through the review of literatures which ultimately affect the results and performance of an organization. The most important determinants of Quality of Work Life QWL is the career growth opportunities, Safe and healthy working condition and of employee satisfaction are Compensation and Benefit, job satisfaction, promotion and development and working conditions as supported by various researches done in past. Employee, Satisfaction, Quality of Work life 356-360 Issue-1 Volume-2 Arnab Kumar Samanta