<b>Traffic light Controller for the Congested Urban Route using PLC and Ambulance Detection using RF Transmitter and Receiver with Lab VIEW</b> Traffic signals are the most convenient method of controlling traffic in a busy junction. Present traffic Signals fail to control the traffic effectively when a particular lane has got more traffic than the other lanes. In this paperan intelligent traffic control system using PLC is proposed. System measures the traffic density on each road bycounting the number of vehicles and then takes the decision. Programming is done using ladder diagram. Seimens S7 1200 PLC is have been used for the system implementation. Traffic management on the road has become a severe problem of today s society because of growth of the urbanization. This leads to traffic jam at the traffic junctions which in turn causes delay to ambulances. In order to overcome this problem, this paper presents a simple ambulance controlled traffic system. The main objective of this system is that to control the traffic, allowing an ambulance to arrive at a particular location without it having to stop anywhere until the destination is reached. This system includes RF Transmitter and Receiver technology and Lab VIEW software. Traffic signal, PLC, Sensors, Ambulance, RF Transmitter and Receiver, Lab VIEW 394-400 Issue-1 Volume-2 Mamatha R