<b>Use of Myth in Kanthapura Parallelism Between Ramayana and Kanthapura</b> Raja Rao 1908 2006 is one of the best Indian novelists writing in English. He occupies a central position in any discussion of Indian English literature. He is the foremost of those writers whose work has placed Indo English literature on the map of world literatures. His first and best known novel, Kanthapura 1938 earned him an international acclaim and acceptance as one of the major novelists in Indian English literature. Kanthapura is a novel dealing with the impact of the Gandhian freedom struggle on a remote South Indian village of that name. In this novel Raja Rao uses myths and legends to enrich the texture of the novel and impart to it a rare expansiveness, elevation and dignity. The paper attempts to show parallelism between Ramayana and Kanthapura by examining Raja Rao’s artistic use of myth in the novel. Myth, Ramayana, Harikatha, Purana, freedom struggle 239-242 Issue-1 Volume-2 Ishfaq Hussain Bhat