<b>Essays of Francis Bacon A Moral Perspective</b> Francis Bacon 1561 1626 , the father of English essay, is a central figure in the entire history of English literature in general and in prose of the Jacobean period in particular. Bacon’s essays are the expression of a life time of experience in the world of men and affairs and as such present valuable advice to the readers characterized by terseness and brevity. His pithy statements in the essays are not confined to the people of the period that he lived in but are still valid and, therefore, have a universal application. The aim of this paper is to explore Bacon’s essays from moral perspective in order to highlight the valuable advice that Bacon gives to mankind in general and to his readers in particular for the purpose of cultivating moral or virtuous character. Ethics, morals, vice, repugnance, virtue, reverence, counsel, worldly wisdom, successful life 178-181 Issue-1 Volume-2 Ishfaq Hussain Bhat