<b>Impact of Motivational Factors of Public Sector Bank Employees An Analysis</b> An important role of management is to help make work more satisfying and rewarding for employees and to make employees’ motivation consistent with organizational objectives. With the diversity of contemporary workplaces, this is a complex task. Many factors, including the influences of different cultures, affect what people value and what is rewarding to them. From a manager s perspective, this study tries to understand what prompts people, what influences them, and why they persist in particular actions. This study also intends to evaluate motivation of employees in the organization. A good motivational program procedure is essential to achieve goal of the organization. If efficient motivational programmers of employees are made not only in this particular organization but also in any other organization, the organizations can achieve the efficiency also to develop a good organizational culture and the attainment of organizational goals at large. Motivation, organizational behavior, performance, employee. 173-177 Issue-1 Volume-2 S. Nava Rethna Bala Kumari | Dr. R. Rathiha