<b>A Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Work Life Balance Professionals A Conceptual Perspective</b> Historically the responsibility of women should be of cooking, cleaning, raising children etc. These folks were witnessed in the form of caregiver as well as home keeper and were refused their right of entry outside home. Women nowadays have created their symbol in each and every sphere. Be it literature, arts, politics, sports, Corporate or any other sphere, women are getting ready to take up challenges. In this scenario, emotional intelligence plays a major in work life balance of women professionals. A small amount of stress can be useful tool for motivating, but excessive creates problem both professionally and personally. So people should be emotionally balanced and they should aware of how to manage the situations well emotionally. The purpose of this study is to find out the positive association between emotional intelligence and work life balance of women professionals. Researcher has diverted to study this with the help of secondary data. The research study found that employees with high EI have got a higher overall work life balance compared to employees with low EI emotional intelligence, work life balance, women professionals 107-110 Issue-1 Volume-2 V. Swarnalatha | Dr. S. Sekar