<b>Design of a Universal Sieving Machine</b> The design of a universal sieving machine was explored to meet the diverse needs of sieving applications across various industries. The machine incorporates various mechanisms to enable it to handle different types of materials e.g., cassava flakes, Sand, Flour, etc. and sieve them to desired particle sizes. Careful component selection and procurement were undertaken to ensure compatibility, quality, and availability. The machine s performance was evaluated by conducting various tests, including the sieving of different materials sand and granulated cassava with varying particle sizes. The results showed that the Universal Sieving machine achieved excellent sieving accuracy and efficiency of 98 , indicating its potential for use in industrial and research settings. This project offers a cost effective solution to the challenges of sieving a diverse range of materials and has significant implications in the fields of food processing, mining, and pharmaceuticals. Sieving machine, hopper, tension, electric motor 54-61 Issue-4 Volume-7 A. A. Okafor | S. E. Abonyi | A. E. Ilechukwu | C. V. Obinani