<b>A Critical Review on Clinical Application of Sadvidhopakrama</b> The eternal science of life Ayurveda has indicated various types of chikitsa for the management of diseases among these the chikitsa mentioned sadvidhopakrama where is lot of significance. Now a days our way of living lifestyle is drastically changing and our desires are growing day by day this results in excessive growing needs of people due to which they are facing numerous diseases or illness in the letter stage of life. These are mainly caused by lack of physical activities and unhealthy eating habits. in ayurvedic text acharya s have mentioned the origin of diseases is broadly classified in a two ways 1.santarpana Janya vyadhis. 2.apatarpana Janya vyadhis. Acharya charaka emphasized on the concept that method of treatment depends on the Intelligence and of a physician, considered a part of yuktivyapshraya chikitsa. sadvidhopakrama plans to act by balancing the proportion of Panchamahabhutas in the body, result of any upakrama is dosasamyata, whatever may be the treatment modalities it will come under the peerview of Sadu pakrama, that is reason these principles of sadvidhopakrama are implemented in day today clinical practices. Chikitsa, Dosa samyatha, upakrama, sadvidhopakrama, santarpana, Apatarpana 50-53 Issue-4 Volume-7 Dr. Rajine. ET | Dr. Mahantesh R. Sajjanshetty. | Dr. G. N. Kannoli.