<b>Charaterization of Coatings on Tool A review</b> Improvement in performance of cutting tool for high speed machining of hard and difficult to cut material has remained a problem for quality and economy of production. Hard coatings are well known to improve the performance of cutting tools in machining applications. Physical and chemical vapour deposition techniques have found increasingly wider use in such applications in recent years. To improve the lifetime of a tool for which it functions properly, the cutting tool has to be protected, often by coatings that are specifically designed to prevent certain damage modes that occur in particular applications. In fact, over 90 of all cemented carbide inserts are currently coated using chemical vapor deposition, CVD, physical vapor deposition, PVD, or their combination. This paper will present coatings that are specially designed to protect the cutting tool and extend its functionality lifetime . physical vapor deposition PVD , chemical vapor deposition CVD , cutting tool. 46-49 Issue-1 Volume-2 Harinder Singh | Rutash Mittal