<b>An Analytical Study based on a Virus Disease Infecting Datura stramonium L.</b> India has a great wealth of various naturally occurring plant drugs which have great potential pharmacological activities. Datura stramonium D. stramonium is one of the widely well known folklore medicinal herbs. Datura Familiy solanaceae , a genus of poisonous herbs, shrubs or small trees, is distributed throughout the tropical and warm temperate region of the world. The word ‘Datura’ is derived from the Arabic name ‘Tatorah’ or the Hindustani ‘Dhatura’.This genus is represented by about 11 species Datura ceratocaula, D. innoxia, D. metel, D. quercifolia, D. stramonium, D. tatula, D. discolor, D. wrightii, D. alba, D. fastuosa, D. ferox of which D. innoxia, D. metel and D. stramonium are important drug plant whereas some are ornamenatals. D. innoxia and D. metel . Datura, Scopolamine, herbs, virus etc 551-556 Issue-1 Volume-2 Ramneek Kaur | Dr. Prashant K Aryan