<b>Minimization of Power Losses In Radial Distribution System A Review</b> In our country power is distributed to various areas through the grid. Different generating stations generate electricity of 11kv and transfers power to the grid. Then the power is transferred to the substations through the transformers. This power is distributed to the consumers through various distribution systems to improve the efficiency. The efficiency of the distribution system is less due to more losses and natural calamities will affect the distribution system. It may cause the failure of the power supply to the consumers and it will affect the entire power distribution system or we need to re install the entire distribution lines. These all are the disadvantages of distribution system. Under peak loaded condition bulk amount of power is needed to meet the load demand. And under heavy loaded condition the supply to the consumers will shut down for some time to meet the load demand. Therefore, the entire efficiency of the distribution system is less. However, this paper is discussing about losses allocation at each node in radial distribution system and improving efficiency of radial distribution system. So, we need to improve the efficiency of the distribution system. By using different techniques, we can improve the efficiency of the radial distribution system. Distributed generation, efficiency, radial distribution system, unified PQ conditioner UPQC 9-15 Issue-1 Volume-2 R. Vijaya Krishna | K. Sarath Kumar | M. Jeevana Rao