<b>Diagnosis of the Factors Involved in Apathy in Students in Industrial Engineering</b> The present research presents the results obtained from a study carried out at a university located in Mexico City, regarding apathy. A 95 reliability and 5 error were used in the study. For the analysis a questionnaire was adapted, this instrument was proposed by Lopez and Sánchez 2010 . As a result, the objective of research was achieved, the first cause of apathy in young people is the content of the subject and the teacher who teaches his subject. In addition, it was reached to know that students have more apathy are those of algebra and probability and statistics. In addition, approximately 35 of the students surveyed indicated that they chose to study this course because they had not stayed in the university they wanted. Apathy, causes, reliability P42 - P50 2nd International Congress of Engineering Special Issue Romero Arellano Silvia | Chávez Hernández Noemí | González Torres Arturo | Mendoza Montero Fátima Y. Y | Medina Molina Yearim