<b>Evaluation of the Quality of a Prognosis for an Industrial Product using the Regression Analysis</b> The present research presents the results obtained from a practical study with respect to the evaluation of the quality of a forecast for an industrial product using the regression analysis. A 95 reliability and a 5 error were used for the validation of the partial samples of the conductivity and density of the product. For the regression analysis the specialized software Minitab® was used in its test version. The results obtained in the research were that the regression model and the parameters of the model are significant, reason why, the regression analysis is significant. Regression analysis, model, parameters P18 - P25 2nd International Congress of Engineering Special Issue González Torres Arturo | Rodríguez Cuellar Ruth | Marrón Ramos Domingo Noé | Robles Ramírez Diana P. Y | Sevilla Pérez Rafael