<b>Improvement in the process of Production Planning Applying the Simplex Method</b> The manufacture of metal mechanical parts is very important in the industrial field. Due to the increasing demand in the market, the company under study decided to develop the application of this method, to be able to know the production planning of its products. This study is limited to two products with the most demand currently product A and product. A time study with a 95 confidence interval was also performed to determine the average processing time for each product, as well as the limits of each product. The result of the present investigation was to know the planning of the production of the two products with the most demand Simplex method, industrial company, improvement P1 - P9 2nd International Congress of Engineering Special Issue González Torres Arturo | García Araiza Oscar S | Ramírez Castañeda Armando I | García Parada Ricardo Y | García González Juan M