<b>Lack of association between CD45 C77G polymorphism and multiple sclerosis in Kashmir</b> Multiple sclerosis MS is a severe disabling and demyelinating disease of the nervous system. Its etiology involves profound genetic component. The latest contender known to have been correlated with MS is protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor type C PTPRC or CD45 however, to date its role remains contentious. The aim of the current study was to examine the association of functionally significant exon 4 C77G polymorphism of CD45 with MS in Kashmiri population from Indian subcontinent. The preliminary findings of our study revealed absence of C77G in majority of the cases as well as controls. These findings strongly suggest that the alterations in CD45 are sporadically associated with the genesis of MS. In conclusion, results from our study are in accordance with some of the international studies however, more studies with large datasets from Kashmir as well as other ethnic populations are warranted to validate the above preliminary findings and demonstrate the role of CD45 C77G polymorphism in MS pathogenesis. MS genetics CD45 C77G polymorphism Kashmir 1333-1337 Issue-6 Volume-1 Insha Zahoor | Amrina Shafi | Mudasir A Mir