<b>Potential And Actual Therapeutic and Medicinal Applications of Marine Macro Algae A Review</b> Seaweeds are a natural renewable resource, they are also a naturally, rich with structurally unique and diverse secondary metabolites. From the point of convenience, seaweeds are grossly grouped as the Chlorophyta, Phaeophyta and Rhodophyta on the basis of their major photosynthetic pigments. The seaweeds are a source of chemical diversity including pigments, polysaccharides, organic, and inorganic compounds, some of which find uses as animal fodder, food, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmeceutical. Therapeutically, selected marine macro algae have the potential to be utilized in the treatments of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, viral diseases especially HPV and HIV , cancers, and disorder of the gastro intestinal tract GIT , hepatic diseases, anti inflammatory issues, some seaweeds have high levels of calcium carbonate especially coralline algae so applicable to treat the osteoporosis and some seaweed are used to make cosmetics which is applicable to treat the skin disease as well as normally used for glowing and taking care of normal skin health. Certain seaweeds have high levels of antioxidants such as poly phenolics, vitamins and fatty acids especially omega 3 fatty acids and these inhibit the oxidation of the low density lipoproteins in the cell membrane. Vitamins from some seaweed act as immune stimulants and are also known to help in bone development. Some red algae have been shown to have more antihypertensive activity than that reported for both brown and green algae. Some seaweed also has been reported for having anti coagulating and anti hemorrhagic activities. Due to presence of high micronutrients and minerals in some specific seaweed, diet supplement with that particular seaweeds increase haemoglobins in blood and directly reduce anaemia. Some seaweed composed cosmetics find place as herbal skin care product in market. The aim of this review is to accumulate in brief, the therapeutics and medicinal uses of seaweed on the mentioned diseases. Marine macro algae, seaweeds, therapeutics applications, medicinal uses. 1190-1213 Issue-6 Volume-1 Suparna Roy | Perumal Anantharaman