<b>“Make in India” Challenges for Indian Managers</b> Since the time when H.E. Mr. Narendra Modi has chaired the seat of prime minister of India, the nation is on the path of high growth and development. “Make in India” campaign is one of the several example of this growth. “Make in India” campaign launched by the Hon’ble Prime minister of India, H.E. Mr. Narendra Modi has created a new vigor and enthusiasm in the youth India. This campaign will open up several opportunity for India youth in the industrial and manufacturing sector. This campaign will be helpful in reducing the unemployment in India. The GDP growth rate of the Indian economy will get the boost. All of these are the positive effect of this campaign but there is a dark side also. This campaign will pose new challenges for the Indian managers. Creating healthy business environment, development of skills, lack in research and development, creating labor intensive technology, increasing competitiveness of Indian manufactured goods, are some of the example of challenges that the Indian managers will face because of the campaign called “Make in India” launched by the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. If these challenges are tackled constructively, the growth of Indian economy will take a new pace. In this article, the author has made an effort to throw a light on such challenges Make in India, Challenges, Opportunities, Industrial And Manufacturing Sector, GDP Issue-1 Volume-1 Dr. V.K. Patel | Gorvadiya Ashish B.