<b>A Study on Stress Management among Employees in Nationalized Bank, Trichy City</b> This paper examines the level of stress and stress management among nationalized bank employees, Trichy City. Further, this study explores the level of effect personal factors on stress management. The stress management is measured by using the different dimension of respectful and responsible behavior, managing and communicating work, managing individual in a team and managing difficult situations. Stress can be defined as a reaction to a stimulus that disturbs our mental balance. It has its existence in everybody’s life nowadays. Stress refers to the strain from the conflict between our external environment, leading to emotional and physical pressure. Stress can’t be avoidable, but one can learn how to manage it. The data is collected using questionnaires from 100 nationalized bank employees who are randomly selected from the Tricy City and analyzed by using Statistical Package of Simple Percentage and Chi Squares Test. Anxiety, Stress, Stress Management, workplace stress, 1220-1230 Issue-6 Volume-1 K. Saravanan | Dr. K. Muthulakshmi