<b>Hydromagnetic Flow of Nanofluids over a Nonlinear Shrinking Surface with Heat Flux and Mass Flux</b> Heat and mass transfer characteristics of water based nanofluids over a nonlinear shrinking surface with suction is studied numerically in the incidence of magnetic field, thermal radiation under the boundary conditions heat flux and mass flux. Similarity transformations are used to renovate the governing partial differential equations into higher order nonlinear ordinary differential equations. These equations are numerically solved using fourth order Runge Kutta technique along with Nachistem – Swigert shooting method. Numerical results are achieved for the nanofluid velocity, nanofluid temperature and nanoparticle concentration as well as for the skin friction coefficient, wall temperature and concentration of the wall for various values of governing physical parameters viz. magnetic interaction parameter, suction parameter, shrinking parameter, thermal radiation parameter, temperature ratio parameter and solid volume fraction of the nanoparticles such as copper and silver. Nanofluid, MHD, Radiation, Shrinking sheet, heat flux, mass flux 1302-1311 Issue-6 Volume-1 Mekala Selvaraj | S. P. Anjali Devi