<b>The Relationship of Emotional Intelligence with Anxiety among Students</b> Anxiety is not a new term in the educational environment in modern times. From exam anxiety to adjustment problem at the school or university, anxiety has adverse effects on the performance and level of mental health of students. Emotional intelligence provides us the ability to deal effectively with the stress and anxiety at School. At school, there were students of different social, cultural and economic strata so the school environment has a different impact on their level of affiliation and interaction. The present study aims at to uncover the relationship between these two constructs at school environment. Emotional intelligence construct is measured by Schutte Self Report Emotional Intelligence Test SSEIT 1998 . The construct of anxiety was measured by Beck’s Anxiety Inventory 1988 . Sixty 60 students from Aligarh Muslim University constitute the sample of this study. The collected data was analyzed by Correlation and t test through SPSS. The results revealed that there is a Negative correlation between the emotional intelligence and anxiety r= 0.34, p .001 . The results also suggested that there is no significant difference between the emotional intelligence in terms of gender t=0.790,p=.433 . But there is a significant difference between in level of anxiety across gender with males scoring slightly higher than females t=2.172,p=.035 . Students high on the dimension of emotional intelligence showed more maturity towards the stressful situations than subjects low on emotional intelligence thus experiencing less anxiety. Emotional intelligence, Anxiety, Examination Anxiety 1216-1219 Issue-6 Volume-1 Sajad Ahmad Bhat | Tabasum Farooq