<b>A Novel Technique of Power Extraction from a Conventional Fluorescent Lamp</b> Fluorescent lamps are commonly used in our homes as a source of light. The conventional lamps use a choke and a starter arrangement for starting discharge in the tube. Under normal working conditions an appreciable potential drop occurs across the choke. The circuit being inductive the power factor is also low. Now is there any way of utilizing this voltage drop Experiments were carried out with a view to using this potential drop to provide energy at low wattage without hampering the normal operation of the tube light. Interesting results were obtained. The power factor was also found to improve. In this paper a method of utilizing the voltage drop across the choke of a fluorescent lamp as a source of energy has been elaborated. Choke Power factor Energy Tube Light 50-55 Issue-1 Volume-2 Parantap Nandi