<b>An Enquiry Into the Effect of GST on Real Estate Sector of India</b> GST is one of the revolutionary changes in the indirect taxation system of India since its independence. The main objective behind implementing it is to avoid the duplication of taxes. The focus is on one nation one tax. Further, it aims at increasing the tax base. Real estate sector in India is expected to grow 12 annually till 2020. Also, real estate sector is going through structural reforms with the implementation of new acts and norms. The government of India is focusing on affordable housing programs so that it can achieve its target of providing houses to all by 2022. This paper aims to study the impact of GST on real estate sector of India. In addition to that this paper aims at understanding the effect of taxes that were levied earlier and effect of GST on Real Estate in the present scenario. Affordable Housing, GST, Real Estate, Tax Base 1001-1005 Issue-6 Volume-1 Niraj Dhar Dubey | Dr Devesh Kumar | Sitaram Pandey