<b>Chinua Achebe s things Fall Apart Is Savage a Savage </b> Chinua Achebe s Things Fall Apart 1958 deconstructs this myth of a savage by proving that society and culture did exist however primitive, that Man did exist, but was converted into a brute by the aggression of the French on the Nigerian soil. The process of humanizing the so called animals of Africa and bringing enlight¬enment to the world of Africans through the spread of Christianity, culture, and science by the West, was one of violence. Peace was brought about by mass slaughter, splitting up of the na¬tive community, uprooting of traditions, religion, language and elimination of tribes in the name of education. Hence Achebe pic¬turises a perfectly cohesive society with its values, traditions, customs and religious leanings a humane society which exhibits feelings of love, hate, violence, worship, marriage, recreation and earning from the land. It is a society with a past that Nigerians need not be ashamed of and Europeans need to take cognizance of In an address to the conference on Commonwealth Literature held at Leeds University in 1964, Achebe declared 1420-1423 Issue-6 Volume-1 Dr. Veena Jain