<b>Role of Soft Power in India’s Foreign Policy</b> India made a revolutionary change in its foreign policy from hard power to soft power. As we see in very recent Kashmir Issue, the condition was very sensitive for India because of 18 soldiers killed in Uri Army Camp by an army strike of Pakistan Army. Most probably Indian people were waiting for a step by hard power but Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi didn’t go forward within that way. In his public speech after Uri attack Mr. Modi challenged Pakistan to go to war against poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and infant mortality instead, saying “let’s see who wins those wars”, India or Pakistan. “I want to say that India is a ready for a war…India is a ready for a war on poverty. Let both countries see who would eradicate poverty. I want to tell the youth of Pakistan, let’s have a war on ending unemployment… I want to call out to the children in Pakistan, let’s declare war on illiteracy. Let’s see who wins. Let’s declare war on infant mortality and maternal deaths”. Modi also said in another public speech addressing Pakistani people, “We both gained independence in the same year but today India exports software and your leaders export terrorists” . If we analyze Mr. Modi’s step in Kashmir incident it is proved that Indian foreign policy has moved from hard power to soft power though implementation of soft power in Indian Foreign Policy is not new. role, foreign, India, soft power, Narendra Modi, war, speech, public 1357-1360 Issue-6 Volume-1 Dr. Kanchan Mishra