<b>Effect of Crude Oil on Permeability Properties of the Soil</b> The impact of crude oil on the permeability of the soil in a non oil producing community in Enugu State was investigated using disturbed A 6 CL soil sample collected from Ibagwa Nike area of the state. The sample was divided into five 5 portions and each of the four 4 portions was dosed with Bonny light crude oil at 2 , 4 , 6 and 8 by weight of the samples. The physical properties of the uncontaminated soil were tested and analyses and used as control. The aim of the laboratory investigation was to determine the effects of crude oil on the permeability of the soil. The permeability of the uncontaminated soil was found to be 1.2609x10 7. Permeability tests were also conducted on the contaminated soil samples at the various percentage contaminations. The results showed that at 2 crude oil contamination the permeability was 9.6403x10 9, a drastic reduction. The other results were 6.9600x10 6, 2.2621x10 8 and 9.1286x10 8 at 4 , 6 , and 8 contamination levels, respectively. The ranking after contamination is seen to drop within the range of 10 8 and 10 9 showing a change in the permeability due to oil content. This observed reduction in permeability alters the natural groundwater recharge which can be remedied by enhanced bioremediation through aeration of the soil. Contamination, Crude oil, Groundwater, Permeability, Silty clay soil 39-43 Issue-1 Volume-1 Iloeje A. F. | Aniago V.