<b>Migration from relational database like MySQL to nosql database like Cassandra is necessary and how to migrate it using spark</b> For more than 15 years, Oracle MySQL has been a real structure piece in web technology and its applications, enjoying large acceptance. This is oftentimes permanently reason MySQL offers a strong database which enables firms to make system that execute comfortably in various use cases. Yet, still it s strongest supporters acknowledge that its not architected to appurtenances the new curve of monolithic knowledge application. Dashing businesses that enjoin to control use cases square evaluate delivery to forge a different set of technologies to alternate MySQL. This article examines the why and how migrating from Oracle MySQL to those new large knowledge technologies. MySQL, Cassandra, Migration, BigData Analytics, Spark, Migration from MySQL to Cassandra using SPARK, NoSQL Database Issue-1 Volume-1 Dr. Kishor Atkotiya | Parag Shukla