<b>Management of Dushta Pratishyaya A Case Study</b> Dushta Pratishyaya is a common clinical condition encountered in dusty, smoky and humid areas characterized by nasal obstruction and alternating clear nasal cavity, nasal discharge and alternating nasal dryness with olfactory dysfunction. Dushta Pratishyaya is a complication arising due to improper treatment of Pratishyaya. It is analogous to Chronic Rhino sinusitis which is prevalent in 15 of population all over the world. Present case study emphasizes the effect of Shamana Oushadis like Patolakaturohinyadi Kashaya, Laghusootashekara Vati and tablet Allerin for their Pitta Kapha alleviating properties and Shodhana by means of Sadhyo Vamana for its effect on expelling out the vitiated Kapha Dosha and Mukha Avagundana for providing symptomatic relief in Dushta Pratishyaya. Dushta Pratishyaya, Chronic Rhino sinusitis, Shamana, Shodhana, SadhyoVamana 59-63 Issue-3 Volume-7 H M Spoorthi Prasad | C S Bhuvana | Kamath Nagaraj