<b>A Study of Attitude of Pupil Teachers towards Implementation of School Internship in B.Ed Programme</b> Since ages teacher has been looked upon by the society as the wisest men of the community. He enjoyed very respectable status in the society. Teacher educator or Teacher training refers to the policies, procedure and provision designed to equip teachers with the knowledge, attitudes, behavior and skills they require to perform their task effectively in and outside the classroom. Teaching is a continuous and never ending process. It is very much necessary for the teachers to keep themselves up to date and very much professional and skillful in nature. The present study has been conducted to know the Attitude of Teacher Educators towards Internship in Two Year B.Ed Programme. In this study, the investigators finds out the attitude of teacher educators studying in different B.Ed colleges of Jammu division. The research study was descriptive in nature.200 teacher educators were randomly selected for the study. The findings of the study reveal that the majority of the teacher educators have no significant difference in their attitude towards internship in Two year B.Ed program. Teacher Educator, Internship, Attitude, Gender 32-43 Issue-3 Volume-7 Shazia Zargar | Sajad Hussain