<b>UV Spectrophotometeric Analytical Method Development and Validation for the Determination of Telmisartan in Pharmaceutical Drug and Drug Formulation Tablet Dosage Form </b> An easy, simple, specific, speedy, precise and accurate have been developed and validated for content determination of Telmisartan. This article based on validation of analytical method procedures which is established in ICH Q2 R1 .Telmisartan demonstrated the absorption maxima in at 291.2 nm and found was linear for a range of 5 µg ml –25 µg ml with correlation coefficient LOD of Telmisartan was found to be 2.09µg ml and the limit of quantification LOQ of Telmisartan was found to be 6.34 µg ml. The analytical method validation of the above proposed method was performed by carrying out precision and accuracy studies. The Accuracy percentage recovery on three different levels i.e. 25 , 50 and 75 was found to be 95.20 , 94.21 and 90.95 respectively. The proposed analytical method demonstrated good Intra precision Repeatability with relative standard deviations 2.54. The proposed analytical method was validated for the test parameter Specificity, Precision, Linearity and range, Ruggedness, Accuracy and recovery. The proposed method for content determination of Telmisartan in pureand tablet dosage form by UV spectrophotometer in pharmaceutical found easy, simple, accurate, precise and reproducible, economical and can be applied for the everyday quality control analysis. 12-17 Issue-3 Volume-7 C. Shambiga | M. Menaka