<b>A Study of Awareness About Cyber Laws for Indian Youth</b> In india each and every minute one person become internet users. its convergence with digitally supported platforms and gadgets, safeguarding the parents as well as students from the cybercrimes is becoming a challenging task. In addition to, the pinching reality is that the internet users are not getting updated on the vulnerable cyber threats and security issues, at the pace they are getting updated with the usage of internet enabled tools and apps. Thus the current research paper focuses in finding out the answers to alarming questions – “Is the netizen really aware that he she is vulnerable to various cyber crimes ” “If netizen is aware, to what extent ”, “If not aware of cybercrimes, what measures can be adopted to make the nitzens more aware and updated. The paper suggested a conceptual model explaining how to uphold and implement the awareness programmes among internet users regarding cybercrimes. protection, IT Act, Ethical Hacking, addiction, porn website attack Issue-1 Volume-1 Jigar Shah