<b>Sustainable Development Strategies of Domestic and International Tourism in Rwanda</b> Given the complexity of the issues surrounding the concept of sustainable tourism, the current paper tries to provide a unified methodology to assess tourism sustainability. This work paper also will help us to analyze the chapter of tourism’s sustainable development, which is a development strategy. Given the economic, social and political importance in tourism, and also the overall contribution to the development of a region, we considered that a distinct approach of the tourism development strategies was required in domestic and international terms.This is then followed by a more detailed account on the conditions for a successful sustainable tourism policy, focusing in particular on collaboration and coordination, participation, decentralisation and information as well as strategic planning. These policy instruments are seen as crucial to facilitate sustainable tourism development.On the local level, the development strategy of Rwanda considers that tourism can become one of the key factors in the process of renewed strengths of the economy, given the fact that Rwanda has huge tourism potential, which is appropriate to the different types of tourism, at national and regional level. It is considered that one of the main issues which need to be addressed is the use of the Rwanda tourism potential and its use in inappropriate conditions. sustainable tourism, sustainable development strategy, domestic tourism, international tourism 71-96 Issue-2 Volume-7 Alphonse Habimana | Prof. Dr. Ricardo Saaverdra | Prof. Vince Sinining