<b>Utilization of Jackfruit Peel in Preparation of Muffins</b> Artocarpus heterophyllus, commonly called as “Jackfruit” has utmost importance in tropical and subtropical region. This study has utilized the peel portion of jackfruit in muffins. Peel which is usually discarded is actually rich in nutrients, Vitamin C and plentiful of minerals. Chemical analysis revealed that peel comprises of 5.77 moisture, 1.32 total ash and 0.03 acidity. Apart from this, peel is a rich source of crude fiber that fits well in bakery industry. Present research has utilized peel portion of jackfruit in muffins manufacturing. Along with bakery flour jackfruit peel powder is taken in different ratios ranging from 0 20 .Control sample 0 jackfruit peel powder T0 , 10 peel powder added in total flour T1 , 20 peel powder added in total flour T2 . Out of the three treatments which are prepared T0, T1 and T2. One sample from each treatment is taken and analysed in terms of colour, flavour, texture, aroma and overall acceptability. Data obtained is statistically and graphically analysed and tabulated. This shows that 20 of jackfruit peel stands best in terms of overall acceptability of muffins. Jackfruit peel powder, Muffins 32-34 Issue-2 Volume-7 Mishwa Patel | Dhanya Joseph