<b>Enriching the Learning Space using Digital Storytelling</b> The social nature of the brain requires stimulation and connection for its survival. Stories are great for stimulating the brain and promoting learning. The art of storytelling is a promising instructional strategy that can be used to generate and disseminate stories with great impact on the recipients. Storytelling extends beyond the fields of media studies and communication as it can be applied across different fields, content areas and audience. Developments in digital technologies and the internet have made it possible to make stories as vivid as possible and its distribution as easy as the click of a button. Digital storytelling can be a very powerful tool in the learning space if teachers and learners can leverage on its potentials. This paper presents an overview of digital storytelling as well as possible challenges and considerations when creating and using digital stories. Information about tools for creating digital stories are also presented. This paper highlights the significance of digital storytelling for teachers and students beyond content delivery to students. It also highlights some researches that have been conducted on digital storytelling and their implications for engagement, motivation, comprehension and behaviour modification. Brain, storytelling, digital technology, learning, teaching 22-28 Issue-2 Volume-7 Gogo, Ella Thompson | Prof. Cheta Williams