<b>Comparative Analysis of Original Wave and Filtered Wave of EEG signal Used in the Prognostic of Bruxism medical Sleep syndrome</b> The bruxism is a medical sleep syndrome it is the remedial span for crushing the tines and gritting the jowl. Human rarely chore their tines and jowl, slightly than crushing their teeth lacking it producing any signals. The symptoms of bruxism are arduousness in the jowl joint, breakable teeth, headache, earache and difficulty in open in mouth etc. The causes of bruxism are snooze sickness, pressure and nervousness. The REM is a rapid eye movement it’s a stages of sleep. The EEG signal are used in the measurement of neuron, the alpha, beta, gamma, theta and delta wave are used in the prognostic of bruxism syndrome. It’s used in MATLAB coding by the six steps in prognostic in bruxism. Bruxism EEG signal REM Issue-1 Volume-1 Md Belal Bin Heyat | Faijan Akhtar | Shadab Azad