<b>Simulation Model for 3 Phase, 3 Wire Grid Connected System using Hybrid PV Wind Energy Conversion</b> Due to rising energy demand and diminishing fossil fuel supplies, the quest for renewable energy sources has gained momentum. As a result, researchers have been more interested in harnessing renewable energy sources like sun and wind to create long term, reliable sources of energy. The purpose of this article is to discuss long term solutions for supplying electricity to outlying locations. The framework of a hybrid system is presented in this study. The suggested setup is a hybrid of solar photovoltaics PV and a wind turbine using a Doubly Fed Induction Generator DFIG . The Maximum Power Point Tracking MPPT technology is used in solar panels to increase output. There are two controllers on the DFIG one for the rotors and one for the grid. The inverter AC DC AC is implemented using the vector control approach, and both the rotor side converter and the grid side converter may generate or observe reactive power, as well as regulate the DC link voltage. This study uses MATLAB Simulink to describe a PV wind system that is linked to an existing power infrastructure. This paper explains how to simulate a PV wind hybrid system on three phase power networks. An explanation of the simulation findings for a range of irradiance and wind speeds is provided as well. Solar PV, MPPT, Hybrid System, DFIG, Three Phase Grid, AC Load 53-70 Issue-1 Volume-7 Kishan Tiwari | Manish Kethoriya